by Kehali Dereje ~ November 14th, 2017. Filed under: Latest News.

Seed Selection conducts by farmers in terms of their benefits.

Mr. Tesfaye Weldesemayat, ”Strengthening cultivar diversity of barley and durum wheat to manage climate related risks and foster productivity in marginal areas of Ethiopia” project coordinator said Out of the 17 subdivisions of barley varieties from five regions, farmers have participated in race analysis and selection that can help to adapt climate change and increase productivity.

He also noted that selection was made from 200 accessions for barley and 50 for durum wheat from the gene bank at EBI.

According to him, the farmers will select the varieties based on their own preference and use-related experience. Then after representatives sets of Ethiopian barely and durum wheat germplasm will be selected, added Mr. Tesfaye.

Mr.Tesfaye underscored that the farmer’s indigenous knowledge on the varieties is a shine light on the selection.

He further pointed out that molecular characterization will be conducted on the varieties. 

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