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The Institute is working to focus on distributing and disseminating valuable information on wild and in-water animals, which are known to be unique to the country.

by Kehali Dereje ~ June 7th, 2018

The Institute is working to focus on distributing and disseminating valuable information on wild and in-water animals, which are known to be unique to the country.

A consultation forum was held in Bishoftu, on the research, conservation and sustainable use of wild and in-water animals, with public wings and stakeholders on, June 05, 2018.
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The Director General of the Institute, Dr. Melesse Mariyo, said during this time that the resources of the wild and aquatic resources are contributing to various services beyond the value of their ecosystems.

He also highlights their importance in food and tourism, medicines, job creation, and foreign currency.

However this diversity of life is being crippled by threats, active research on the study, conservation and utilization of biodiversity should be undertaken, he noted.

Director of Animal Biodiversity Directorate, Mr. Abraham Assefa on his part said that the directorate is working on domestic, wildlife and water resources in conservation, research and sustainable use.

Over the last nine months, 15 studies have been conducted, and 5 research papers have been prepared, he said.

In the future, research will be conducted to focus on the wildlife and aquatic animals, which are known to be unique to the country, with a view to their ecological and genetic properties, Mr. Abraham indicated.

Based on these studies, animal biodiversity will be used sustainably to achieve positive results in the sector.

Dr. Demeke Dateko, researcher at the Hawassa Biodiversity Center, indicated that the monitoring of biodiversity in wild and underwater animals is essential for sustainable development strategies as well as better protection systems.

This will help to establish proper monitoring plans and reduce negative impact on the resource, Dr. Demeke expressed.

Participants, for their part, offered their views to work in collaboration with other institutions and gave their opinion on the importance of the resource asset catalog.

Various research findings were discussed at the forum.

There are more than 6875 species of animals in Ethiopia, of which 191 are endemic.

Ethiopia Celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity – 22 May

by Kehali Dereje ~ June 1st, 2018

Ethiopia Celebrates International Day for Biological Diversity – 22 May

Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (EBI) observed the International Biodiversity Day through different events. This year’s International Biodiversity Day marked the beginning of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention on Biological Diversity which is planned to be held until the Sharm El-Sheikh’sUN Biodiversity Conference in November 2018.

The event at EBI began by a press release and by an exhibition session which was held in the institute’s compound and lasted four days. During the press release, the Institute’s Director General, Dr. Melesse Maryo, and the Deputy General Director, Dr. Feleke Woldeyes ,gave a briefing on the rich variety of life on Earth, its irreplaceable role with respect to the welfare and prosperity of the present and future generations, and the need for taking measures that help to mitigate and also avert the mounting pressure that harms the valuable resource.

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It was underlined that, cognizant of the valuable contribution of biodiversity and also the threats the biological resource is confronted with, world’s nations ratified the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 25 years. The Director General and his deputy indicated that the Convention has three pillar objectives: the conservation of biodiversity, its sustainable use and the equitable sharing of its benefits.

The commitment of Ethiopia to the convention, and major efforts made and achievements registered in line with realizing the CBD objectives were enumerated. Notifying that 25thAnniversary of the CBD will be celebrated under the motto “Celebrating 25 years of action for Biodiversity”, they disclosed that the celebrations will include different activities including the exhibition show to be opened right after the press conference, symposium and panel discussions, film shows and radio talk shows, field visits,. It was made clear that the planned activities are tough to contribute towards awareness creation, at all levels of the public, on biodiversity related undertakings implemented at global, national and local levels.

As Dr. Melesse Maryo indicated, EBI, which is a focal point to the CBD, has been engaged in research undertaking that contribute to the conservation of the country’s biological diversity and associated knowledge; and also working towards strengthening participatory conservation, ensuring fair and equitable access and benefit sharing, and promoting sustainable utilization of biodiversity for sustainable development.

Dr. Melesse also added that the 25th anniversary of the Convention presents a unique opportunity to highlight the achievement of its objectives at national and global levels. It also provides an opportunity to look towards the future. He also highlighted that as event will be celebrated for about eight months, it would create an opportunity to collaborate with a wide spectrum of stakeholders and thereby enhance synergy.

Dr. Feleke, on his part, indicated that remarkable achievements have been registered in Ethiopia following the ratification and entering into force of the CBD. He urged concerned organizations and stakeholders celebrate the International Day and the 25thanniversary by evaluating successes, recognizing achievements and planning future undertakings.



















The Use of Microbial Technology Plays An Important Role In The Attainment of Food Security.

by Kehali Dereje ~ May 30th, 2018

The Use of Microbial Technology Plays An Important Role In The Attainment of Food Security.

The 4th annual conference of Ethiopian society for microbiology was held in Bishoftu for two days, May 25-26, 2018.

The conferenece focuses on the theme: “Microbial technology and Food Security in Ethiopia”, emphasizing the importance of technology to ensure the guarantee of food security.

The president of the society, prof. Ketema Bacha, said that research carried out on micro-organism with the help of technology is a viable alternative to sustainable food security.
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Micro-organism helps to fertile soil of the agricultural field as well helps to increase productivity by eliminating waste, he said.

He also added that the society is working to bring relevant stakeholders through a platform to diversify findings by members of society into the community.

Vice President of the Society, Dr. Genene Tefera, on his part said the microbes are of equaly importance to other biodiversity assets, but there is a gap in technological innovation.

He mentioned that research carried out through Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute has identified the different types of microorganisms that contribute to improve soil fertility, food security, and accelerated plant growth.

Developing technological capacity to address these research findings effective for society requires due attention, Dr Genene pointed out.

Prof Fekadu Regasa, on behalf of the Veterinary College at Addis Ababa University, emphasizes that the proper management of micro-organism technology should be taken into account, since the international community is concerned with biotechnology.

On the conference research papers were presented related to the theme and discussed with stakeholders.

Ethiopian Society for Microbiology established in 2014.