The institute is working to accomplish the mission of sharing the benefits of biological resources.

by Kehali Dereje ~ April 30th, 2018. Filed under: Latest News.

The institute is working to accomplish the mission of sharing the benefits of biological resources.

A consultation forum was held in Hawassa City, April 27-28, 2018 concerning the agreement on the Osyris quadripartita/SANTAlACFAE .

Deputy Director General of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, Dr. Feleke Woldeyes, said the institute is working to achieve the three basic pillars of the International Biodiversity Conservation Agreement.

Accordingly, the institute is working to fulfill the mission of sharing the benefits of biological resources in the country.

Dr. Feleke remarked those who have been living with biological resources, who have had an impact on biological life and who have had a change in their biological life is a base for access and benefit sharing.

He also pointed out a system is created to diversify the biodiversity wealth of the country into economic benefits and to share the benefits available. So Genetic resource transfer has been linked to legal requirements, he said.

Director of the Genetic Resource and Benefit Sharing Directorate, Mr. Ashenafi Ayenew, on his part said that  there is a Proclamation and Regulations to be implemented in order to ensure fair and balanced benefits.

Accordingly, Docomo oils p.l.c is licensed to produce cosmetics from Osyris quadripartita.

This in turn will help the plant to be used in a sustainable way, Mr Ashenafi said. He also remarked awareness raising activities will be given continuously.

Participants commented on the need for technical training to be conducted in the process of harvesting and that the role of stakeholders should be taken into account.

The agreement with the Docomo oils p.l.c will be valid for 10 years.

The consultation forum was financially supported by Global ABS project.


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