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Competition for IBD 2009

The Institute of Biodiversity Conservation is organizing an event on “International Day for Biological Diversity ” which is cellebrated on 22 May every year. This year’s Theme of the Day is “Biodiversity and Invasive Alien Species”.

The Convention on Biological Diversity and its members (there are 191 Parties, as of October 2008) recognize that there is an urgent need to address the impact of invasive alien species on Biological Diversity. Article 8(h) of the CBD states that, “Each contracting Party shall, as far as possible and as appropriate, prevent the introduction of, control or eradicate those alien species which threaten ecosystems, habitats or species”. The CBD sets global priorities, guidelines, collects information and helps to coordinate international action on invasive alien species.

To raise awareness among relevant stakeholders, the Organizing Team of IBD decided to launch a competition for articles, poems and posters particularly related to the Day. Below is the full announcement…

Biodiversity and Invasive Alien Species


Competition for Articles, poems, posters

Deadline: 10 April 2009 (tentative)

You are invited to submit short articles (maximum two pages), poems and posters related to the International Day for Biological Diversity (IBD) theme “Biodiversity and Invasive Alien Species”.

The articles should be short (maximum two pages), precise, and easily understandable by the local participants. Language of the event, writing articles, poems and posters is Amharic.

The posters should be presented in A4 paper for easy selection and they should be organized in such a way that they will attract participants and convey the message of IBD (e.g. Use pictures, drawings, etc. with short descriptions). Selected Posters will be published in Large sizes for Distribution to all relevant stakeholders/regions.

Do not forget to include your full address (name, e-mail, P.O.Box, Telephone, region, etc.).

The winners will be invited to present their articles, poems and posters on the event/Cellebration with all costs covered by IBC!

Submit your articles, poems, posters to the Organizing Team using the following address:
Ato Abiyot Berhanu;
Institute of Biodiversity Conservation; P.O.Box: 30726; E-mail: abiyotmulu@gmail.com or info@www.ebi.gov.et

If you need further information, write us using the above e-mail addresses or call 0911120725 (Ato Abiyot Berhanu)

Please send this announcement to any one in Ethiopia who is interested in Biodiversity Conservation!

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